Weekly Tip & Optional Homework: Week of 2/24 for week of 3/3/14

Weekly Tip: 

Goal written by one of PBO’s Students:

“Hablar con mi suegra.”  (Talk to my mother in law).


For any of you that have a goal of speaking to your friends, relatives or your media naranja (other half) in Spanish, I have a tip for you:

Take it easy – start small

When the goal is to speak Spanish the entire day, the average student (and sometimes the native speaker) gets frustrated because communicating is suddenly more difficult.  If you start small, say for 10-15 minutes a day or during a specific meal or while you’re running an errand, it’s much easier.  The point is to get in some daily practice, not necessarily to speak for hours.  Give it a try this week!!!

Optional Homework

The optional homework is to make a list of 2-3 words that you overuse and then to look up 2-3 alternatives for those words.

For example:

Guapo = good looking

            1 – bello/a = beautiful

            2 – buen mozo = handsome

            3 – hermoso/a = lovely, gorgeous, beautiful

P.S. wordreference.com is a great resource.  There is a list of synonyms for each word.