Weekly Tip & Optional Homework: Week of 1/27 for week of 2/3/14

Weekly Tip: 

So last week we asked you to think about your commitment level to Spanish this year, 3 areas you want to improve and a main goal for your Spanish.  By now you should all have that.  My next recommendation is for you to figure out a game plan.  You don’t need to tell us what it is, but you should know what it is and you should write it down.  It has been proven time and time again, through many studies, that defining your goals, writing them down and creating an action plan is effective.  Simply thinking about them is just daydreaming.

The most important part is to figure out how dedicated you are and how much time your going to dedicate to your Spanish.  Here are some possibilities (pick as many as you like or make up your own):

– I’m going to make coming to class a priority

– I’m going to actively participate in class

– I’m going to do the optional homework every week

– I’m going to take 5-10 minutes out of my day to increase my vocabulary by participating in the conversación del día on Facebook

– I’m going to attend the monthly social club events

– I’m going to spend 10-15 minutes per day working on my Spanish

– I’m going to speak to my husband/wife/mom/co-worker in Spanish for at least 10 minutes every time I see them

– I’m going to read a Spanish magazine/book cover to cover, reading for at least 10 minutes every day until I finish it

– I’m only going to listen to Spanish podcasts, radio or CD’s when I’m in my car

Anyway, you get the point…the important part is to figure out a game plan.

Next week we will get more specific with the tips.  I’m going to use the goals you wrote down to give you advice.  So this week figure out when you’re going to work on your Spanish and how much time you’re going to dedicate. 


Optional Homework

The optional homework is to write a list of 5 topics that interest you, that you would like to talk about in class (not that YOU will do a talk about, but that you + all the students will talk about).  They should be on a piece of paper, with your name and class info, so that you can hand it to your teacher the week of 2/3.  Por ejemplo:

Joe Smith – los jueves @ 2pm

            1 – El superbowl

            2 – Obamacare

            3 – Las cosas que tememos

            4 – Los mejores lugares para hacer surf en San Diego

            5 – Las películas

Whatever interests you is what you should choose as topics of conversation 🙂