Weekly Tip & Optional Homework: Week of 11/18 – 11/24 (for the week of 11/25 – 11/26/13)

Weekly Tip: Week of 11/18 – 11/24/13

Weekly Tip:  Study / practice at your appropriate level 🙂   

As you all know by now, coming to class once a week and not doing anything in between helps you maintain your Spanish as well as improve it, but not nearly as fast as if you’re working on it in between classes as well.

So for those of you that are practicing or studying in between classes, make sure that your activities are appropriate for your level.  For example, flashcards are fantastic for advanced beginners and low intermediate level students, but once you get into a mid intermediate level, you should be doing something more advanced.  This also goes the other way…if you’re in a low level class, reading news articles or complicated book is great, but what about the basic vocabulary you still lack?  You need to learn that first!

There are millions of ways to study, but here are a few tips that are appropriate for your level:

Advanced Beginner & Intermediate 1

– Flashcards to learn new vocabulary

– Write in a journal on a daily basis – write down 3 things you did yesterday and 3 things you have coming up

– Read the ads in magazines

Intermediate 2 & 3

– Read magazines, young adult books, books originally written in English and then translated and/or news articles

– Watch telenovelas or tv shows

– Speak to everyone you can in Spanish – practice, practice, practice!

Advanced & Bilingual

– Watch movies

– Listen to the radio

– Read books written by native speakers (not translated books)

At this point you shouldn’t be “studying” as much as you should be immersing yourself in the language as spoken by or written by native speakers.

Hope that helps 🙂  If you need any guidance, let your teacher know and we can help you…


Weekly Optional Homework: Week of 11/18 – 11/24 (for the week of 11/25 – 11/26/13)

– Since Thanksgiving is next week, your optional homework is to make a list of 5 things for which you are grateful.  You can bring these to share with your class the week after Thanksgiving 🙂  Reminder: we have class on Monday & Tuesday 11/25 & 11/26, but we’re closed the rest of the week!



– Your optional homework is to research & bring 2 news topics to class next week.  The topics should be about current news and you should be able to tell us about the topic (that means that you will need to research the vocabulary before you get to class).

– The topics can be about anything in the news…about sports, politics, gossip, local news, international news, whatever.