Weekly Tip & Optional Homework: Week of 11/4 – 11/10 (for the week of 11/11 – 11/17/13)

Weekly Tip: Week of 11/4 – 11/10/13

Reading something in Spanish that you’ve previously read in English or already know something about, is much easier to understand.

For example, if you’ve already read the Harry Potter series in English, reading it in Spanish will be much easier than if you picked up a book you knew nothing about.

The same applies for our optional homework this week.

Weekly Tip:  Once you decide which news topics you would like to bring to class next week, do a web search in Spanish rather than in English.  Find an article or a video that’s been written/recorded in Spanish rather than translating.  The vocabulary you need, and probably don’t already have, will be provided for you!  Much easier (and better for learning purposes) than translating!


Weekly Optional Homework: Week of 11/4 – 11/10 (for the week of 11/11 – 11/17/13)

– Your optional homework is to research & bring 2 news topics to class next week.  The topics should be about current news and you should be able to tell us about the topic (that means that you will need to research the vocabulary before you get to class). 

– The topics can be about anything in the news…about sports, politics, gossip, local news, international news, whatever.

 MONDAY CLASSES (Reminder: We do not have class on 11/11)

– Your optional homework is to write in a journal every day this week.  Since we’re practicing how to express emotions in Spanish, write about your emotions.  How are you feeling today?  What emotions are present?  What are you struggling with?  What are you happy about?  How were you feeling yesterday?  Since expressing emotion is difficult in another language (and often in our 1st language), practice it as much as possible this week.  Not only will it help your Spanish, but it will help you emotionally & spiritually  as well 🙂  Spanish & self-help all in one!  What a deal 🙂